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Support The Book

I often hear from people who have greatly valued my book's impact on their lives. It makes me feel great to learn this, as it is my Magnum Opus, and it is precisely the intention of this book to help the world.

Apart from expressing gratitude, you can also support my work by telling people how much you have enjoyed it and buying a copy for family and friends as a gift. The book may not resonate with everyone; however, for those it is destined to touch deeply, it will.

Which is why you are here - the book has touched you deeply. You understand the power this book holds and have received value far exceeding what it cost you to buy. I sincerely appreciate this, and for those who wish to give back what my book is worth, you can choose to donate to me. I want to make this book successful and further share and actualise Geno's principles. I am very grateful for whatever help I can receive, large and small, monetary or otherwise.

Yours Sincerely,

George Sourrys

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