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A Theory of Everything

Can a simple formula prove that there is a greater meaning to the universe, that science and religion are actually compatible and that there is a deeper purpose for your life?


Let’s start at the very beginning…the birth of the universe. Everything began as a single element. This element then separated into many elements, in an event which scientists called the Big Bang.

These separated elements may have been simple in their properties at first. But over time, they interacted with each other and through these interactions went on to create everything that we see in the universe today. Planets, galaxies and even life itself.

When understanding this, it becomes clear that everything since the first element has been created through a simple formula.

And this simple formula is:

Elements interact in a system and create.


All matter is made of this formula.

As a human we have this formula inside of us, repeated many times, to build all of the levels which create us.

For example, beginning at the level of subatomic particles: Subatomic particles interact in a system and create an atom.

This atom interacts in a system and creates a chemical element.

A chemical element interacts in a system and creates a molecule…

And the same formula goes on to create macromolecules, cell organelles, cells, tissues, organs and finally an organism – our human body.


An interesting part of this formula is that it points to elements having a greater elemental purpose.

If you were to simply look at the cells in our hand it may seem as if they are living a life full of random chaos. They work in co-operation with others cells, they fight rival cells, they consume, they reproduce. In many ways they live a life which is not too dissimilar in its basic form to that of humans and other animals.

But then when you take a step back, you see that they are creating something greater, an order - our human hand.

They probably do not realise that they are creating this beautiful design and they do not need to, because knowing this is unnecessary and might actually hinder them in doing their purpose.

In the same way, it is very possible that every element, including us as humans also have a greater purpose.

It’s just we may not be able to perceive what this purpose is. For if we were to see the order which we are creating by simply partaking in the struggles of life, we too perhaps wouldn’t actualise our purpose as well. Just like the cells.


Elements interact in a system and create.

As everything since the beginning of time is created through this formula, so also are things that are not made of matter, such as time.

Imagine, if the earth did not revolve around the sun annually, if the earth did not spin on its axis, if nothing around you moved, not even a clock’s hand, what if even your mind were completely still… how would you perceive time? The answer is, you could not. Time is perceived and measured through the interaction between the elements.

Gravity and other physical laws are also created by this formula. Even evolution as a process is simply elements interacting and through these interactions creating new forms.


As you grasp this theory you also begin to understand that there is really only one true system, regardless of how we arbitrarily use our mind to separate things. One system which began as a single element. And as it is one system, everything is interconnected.


This formula also shows that the tenets of most religions and science are very compatible. It’s just that religions call the first element in existence a certain name. God.

According to some religions, the first element (God) existed before time and is eternal. This formula points to the first element having these properties as it originally had no other elements to interact with in order for time to exist. Therefore it must be eternal.

God then created the heavens. Scientists would view this event as the Big Bang.

And everything was born of this one source, or put in another way, was made in the image of God, including humans. And as this source is eternal, it makes sense that perhaps we also have a part of ourselves that is eternal as well. Religion often calls this part our soul.

This formula also points to there actually being one true interconnected system. Or as some religions would say: one true God.

And as there is only one interconnected system, elements can interact and communicate with the other levels, just as cells in our hand can communicate with us through pain when we touch a hot stove. Put in a religious way, communication with God is also possible.

And also as there is one interconnected system, the greatest good of all elements is to do what is good for the system as a whole. Religion calls this greater good, God's will.

Do you see how science and religion are speaking the same underlying language?


This formula also has solutions for consoling quantum and classical physics, explains how synchronicity and subconscious desires guide us and much more. After all, it is a theory of everything.


If you would like to read this theory in its entirety, please do by clicking here: Download Theory


George has a degree in Psychological Science and extensive experience in wealth creation including running his own financial services company. He has deep interests in all areas of personal development and is soon to release his first novel, The Synchronicity of Ulysses.

Keep updated with more wisdom….



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