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Start Within

You may have heard of the following quotes:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – unknown (often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi).

“Don’t waste your time chasing butterflies. Mend your garden and the butterflies will come” - Mario Quintana

Both of these quotes share a similar message. Start with yourself and the world around you will change.

If you wish for unconditional love, love yourself unconditionally.

If you wish to be accepted as you are, have the courage to accept yourself as you are.

If you wish to have a life of great value, value your life greatly.

And it is with this spirit that this post is written. Three simple wisdoms that seek to uncover your greatness, through digging for the treasures that are already within.


There is one person you will have with you your entire life. One who, if you love, will always reciprocate. One that needs your love more than anyone else. And that is YOU.

The greatest love affair you will ever have is you. And you need to treat it like a great relationship. Too many of us give our love so freely to others, but do not give ourselves the same love. So many of us are willing to stand up to anyone that criticises a person we fancy, yet do not disagree with that little voice in our head that puts ourselves down.

It is time to love yourself. To build this relationship. To reward that voice in your head every time it compliments yourself. To show yourself appreciation and allow and help yourself to have the enjoyment in life which you desire.

And when you love yourself, you will find it easier to love others and the world around you. And in turn, you will make it easier for others to love you.


It's important to let your true self shine. Your true gifts. The beauty that dwells in your mind and your unique perspective on life needs to be heard. You will suffer criticism. But their opinions don't matter, because you HAVE to be you.

And by being you, you will attract the right people into your life and repel the wrong people. And soon you will predominately be surrounded by people that love you for you. Which after all, is what you desire.


Western society has sold the idea that material possessions define you. But the truth is that very little actually defines you. And these “things” do not lead to long term contentment. In fact they can lead to the opposite.

The majority of you, through work, trade your TIME for money. And then you purchase things with this money. It feels to you that you are just spending paper notes with dollar signs on it. Or digits in a bank account. But the truth is that whenever you buy things, you are literally spending your TIME.

You may not realise this, but when you buy things, you are valuing these purchases as being greater than the time it took you to make this money.

Time which could possibly have been better spent with your loved ones, enjoying life and doing what is important to you.

And once you realise this, that money is your time, you start to view money differently.

You might realise that buying an expensive car isn’t worth the precious time you have to sacrifice in order to get it.

You might realise that maybe you don’t admire a person’s post on Instagram displaying their new purchases from Gucci. Instead you think of all of the more meaningful and exciting ways they could have spent their time.

You start to value your time more than unnecessary, superficial purchases which depreciate in value. You realise that these “things” do not define you anyway. That your time is worth more than them.

But this isn’t just about buying things that you don’t need...

Your life, in its essence, is purely a collection of moments in time. Your TIME is your very LIFE.

Where you spend your time, you spend your life.

So you have to have a laser focus on what is important to you. You have to spend your time in ways that are worthy of a good life.

Not just physically, but mentally too. What are you focussing on? Is this how you want to spend your life?

Remember - whenever you spend time you are spending a precious asset – your life. One way or another you are going to spend it. But it is how you spend your time that is the difference between a good life and a mediocre one.

So spend your time wisely. Spend your time on what is most important to you. Spend it in a way that will ensure a good life. And naturally, you will have one.


George has a degree in Psychological Science and extensive experience in wealth creation including running his own financial services company. He has deep interests in all areas of personal development and is soon to release his first novel, The Synchronicity of Ulysses.

Keep updated with more wisdom….



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